Episode 67: Stephen Brodsky


Stephen Brodsky has a unique trajectory in the hardcore scene. He got his start as a teenager fronting the metal act Cave In who gradually transitioned from underground shredders to a progressive rock act and are still making incredibly innovative music, the red thread being their constant need to take artistic chances at the risk of alienating listeners. Brodsky stopped by Going Off Track to discuss the band’s sonic evolution, what the Boston scene was like in the nineties and how he’s managed to reinvent himself yet again with his latest solo EP Hit Or Mystery. Don’t worry, we still find time to discuss the surgery channel and why he needs a cereal milkshake every one in a while in order to stay sane.

Visit Stephen Brodsky online 

Stream Hit It Or Mystery in its entirety.

Watch a live video from Jonah’s first Cave In show in 1998

Photo:  Yvonne Jukes