Episode 139: Evan Weiss


Evan Weiss is a man of many talents and even more bands. His main project is his indie rock solo (and sometimes full band) project Into It. Over It. who are at the forefront of what’s been dubbed the “emo revival.” In his spare time Weiss bass plays  in Their/They’re/There as well as the indie rock act Pet Symmetry. He has also toured with some of his biggest influences ranging from Texas Is The Reason to the Jealous Sound and and tackled prolific projects such as 52 Weeks, which saw him record a new song every week for a year. Guest host and friend of the podcast Dan Ozzi is a writer and editor at VICE’s music site Noisey and 2014 PornHub Song Search Panel Judge. He’s also the founder of Jaded Punk and really loves Weston. Get these two immensely talented dudes in a room together and you’ve got a podcast as impressive as both of their respective bodies of work.

Into It. Over It.

Dan Ozzi