Episode 140: Mineral


Chris Simpson and Jeremy Gomez of Mineral stopped by Going Off Track while in the midst of their sold-out reunion tour to join guest host Benny Horowitz (The Gaslight Anthem) in discussing the emo explosion, what it’s like to play songs that you wrote in younger days as an adult and the brilliance of the apocalyptic film The Day After Tomorrow. “Everything that happens is part of your journey and ultimately if you’re intentionally trying to distance yourself from work you did 20 years ago, you should embrace it,” Simpson says at one point, admitting that he’s happy with how relevant the proto-emo act remain to be. Speaking of which, Mineral will be embarking on the international leg of their anniversary tour at the end of the month so if you live in Europe or Asia make sure you get tickets. Trust us, you won’t want to wait until 2035 to see these guys.


The Gaslight Anthem