Episode 151: Har Mar Superstar


Har Mar Superstar a.k.a. Sean Tillman came by Going Off Track to discuss his two-decade long musical evolution from the guitar pop of Sean Na Na to R&B crooning of Har Mar Superstar, how you can retain your artistic credibility with the right mindset and what it’s been like sharing the stage with everyone from Incubus to the Strokes and, more recently, Father John Misty and Macaulay Culkin’s Pizza Underground. “For years I kind of felt like I was a stand-up but I could hide behind music,” Tillman says of his nascent Har Mar performances—and if you haven’t seen him live, trust us, do yourself favor and witness him person next time he comes to your town. Just don’t be surprised if you’re girlfriend ends up “staying at a friend’s house” after the show.

Har Mar Superstar