Episode 156: Sam Cohen


Apollo Sunshine guitarist Sam Cohen stopped by Going Off Track to talk about what it’s like to play guitar for artists like Norah Jones and Shakira, scary experiences playing in the New York Subway and what it was like touring the country in a school bus that ran on vegetable oil. We also discuss how Jonah met Sam when they were teenagers in the same program at Berklee College Of Music and why Apollo Sunshine never caught on despite the fact that they are one of the most talented live bands Jonah has ever seen. “I never know or if the world has changed but guys and girls in their twenties aren’t going to live in a van for years, they’re more mature,” Cohen says when asked about what it feels like to think back to his early days of touring. Finally, we discuss why Cohen thinks his greatest musical accomplishment is his new solo album Cool It, which incidentally is available now.

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