Episode 157: Ryan Patterson


Coliseum frontman Ryan Patterson talks about his long musical career from The Enkindels to Black Cross to Coliseum, how he maintains the struggle of being in a mid-level band for over a decade and how he’s been able to live off his art as a graphic artist when he isn’t on the road with Coliseum. “Every time there’s a point where I’m like, ‘this is it, this has become a breaking point where I need to pull back and stop,’ something happens that makes me continue wanting to do it or reminds me of why I do this,” Patterson replies when asked how he become a lifer. He also talks about the ways touring has changed since he started out touring as a teenager and how the Internet has been able to champion underground artists, even if he doesn’t think it’s happened to him yet. Then again, maybe that’s just because not everyone has heard Coliseum’s latest record Anxiety’s Kiss.



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