Episode 159: The Early November


Ace Enders, Joe Marro and Bill Lugg from The Early November stopped by Going Off Track with guest host Benny Horowitz (The Gaslight Anthem) to discuss what it was like growing up in “The Blueberry Capitol Of The World,” what happens when humans inevitably merge with machines and that time they got sued by The Get Up Kids for attempting to pay homage to them in a song. We also get into how you reserve engineer the brain,  if we are actually living in a simulation and what will happen when robots become so intelligent that they turn on humanity. “I kind of like the status quo of kind of not knowing and having some robot overloads tell us what to do. I dig it, the gave us the Internet after all,” Marro says at one point.

So say we all.

Photo by Danielle Parsons

The Early November

The Gaslight Anthem