Episode 161: Emil Amos


Musical and psychedelic visionary Emil Amos (Om, The Holy Sons, Lilacs & Champagne) makes his third appearance on Going Off Track to discusses how deadlines inform his artistic process, why despite advances in technology things really don’t really alter the human experience and how Buddhism’s first noble truth helps him articulate why the Hero’s Journey is the defining narrative of mankind. We also talk about the disconnect when news becomes entertainment, why there is no dignity in being a part of the mainstream and how the Beatles underwent a transformation so unprecedented that it almost proves the existence of a higher intelligence. “I came at my projects from the idea that I was outside of the culture,” Amos muses at one point, “but I think it complicates the myth even more that certain artists throughout history ended up at such a complicated moment of time and space.” If you like hearing in-depth conversations about music and mysticism, this episode is going to blow your mind.

Photo Credit: Eliza Sohn


Holy Sons

Lilacs & Champagne