Episode 162: Andy Nelson


Ceremony and Paint It Black bassist Andy Nelson stopped by Going Off Track to talk about his day job working for a DIY show promotion company, how he’s able to be in a sustainable touring band while eschewing Live Nation and 21-and-over venues, his new musical project with Dan Yemin called Open City and why sincerity can be an embarrassing trait when everyone is reeling in apathy. “When I was getting into music, I didn’t have any friends who were into music at all… so that Avail show would be great but then the other 23 hours of the day I was in my room feeling lonely,” he explains when talking about the pitfalls of idealizing the past and what comes with it. Correspondingly, we explore the difference between looking back at experiences and nostalgia, how punk has shifted from being lifestyle to academic-based and why all of the popular hardcore bands now don’t play hardcore—including Nelson’s own band Ceremony who just released their excellent new album The L-Shaped Man.


Paint It Black