Episode 164: Mutoid Man


Converge drummer Ben Koller, Cave In frontman Stephen Brodsky and Saint Vitus soundguy extraordinaire Nick Cageao stopped by Going Off Track to discuss their band Mutoid Man, who just released their latest album Bleeder. Along the way we talked about Koller’s viral GoPro drumming videos, some of their favorite rock trios and how they push themselves to their technical limits in Mutoid Man. “When we’re writing new songs I always like to write parts I can’t really play yet,” Koller explains, citing scorching songs like “Friday the 13th/8,” which is in a 13/8 time signature. “Then you play it for a few months and you’re like, I can’t believe I ever thought it was so hard to play.” If this podcast doesn’t make you want to take your respective instrument and get in the practice room, nothing will.