Episode 165: Michael Des Barres


British actor and musician Michael Des Barres stopped by Going Off Track to talk about his indefinable career that ranges from replacing Robert Palmer in Power Station to playing Murdoc on MacGyver and everything in between. Along the way we talk about Des Barres’ struggles with addiction, his secret to staying relevant decade after decade and how he’s been able to maintain a healthy sense of self. “In my current incarnation, it’s the truth. I’ve stripped away all the artifice and my references aren’t on my sleeve anymore, I just get up there and be authentic because I’ve had experience being fake out of self-preservation,” he muses at one point. We also explore how he relates to technology, muse about the key to the universe (spoiler alert: it involves loving yourself) and, of course, discuss his new album aptly titled The Key To The Universe. He even performs a song for us at the end… if your mind isn’t already blown apart by that point in our discussion.