Episode 166: Randy Blythe


Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God came by Going Off Track to discuss his new memoir Dark Days which chronicles his time spent in prison in Prague and the subsequent manslaughter in 2013. Along the way we discuss what it was like to experience the Kafka-esque drama of being arrested for a murder that you never knew occurred, why Blythe decided to return to Europe for his trial and his need to live in almost total seclusion in order to get the experience down onto paper. As intense as this experience is, there is plenty of levity in this interview and we also discuss Blythe’s work as a ballet composer and learn a lot about the evil Christmas character known as Krampus. Blythe also discusses how his sobriety and meditation helped him get through his hard time and with a clear mind.”The only way for me to maintain that is not think too much into the future and the past, I thought about that in prison a lot.” This podcast will inevitably make you think, too.