Episode 169: Tim Kasher


Cursive and the Good Life frontman Tim Kasher stopped by Going Off Track during The Ugly Organ tenth anniversary tour to discuss his prodigious musical output, what it’s like being on tour when your lung collapses and the consequences of writing overly personal lyrics. Kasher also talks about his relatively recent move to Chicago and his latest artistic endeavor, a movie that he wrote and is in the process of making as you read this. “I think with albums, I’ve done enough of them now that there’s certain responses that I have to get from myself… but even if it’s all there it still leaves you unsure,” he explains at one point still sounding a little bewildered by why his audience seems to gravitate to certain releases. “Every single album, you don’t know.”

The Good Life’s new album Everybody’s Coming Down comes out on Friday. Check it out.

Tim Kasher

The Good Life