Episode 171: Shane McRae


You may recognize Shane McRae as one of the stars of Amazon’s “Sneaky Pete” alongside Giovanni Ribisi but he’s had a long career in television that includes appearances on Chicago FireĀ and Law & Order. He’s also an accomplished theater performer who has played key roles in acclaimed renditions of “Richard III” and the Tony-Award winning play “Take Me Out.” Jonah met Shane at a David Bazan show and on this episode we discuss our mutual love of the singer-songwriter, how easy it is to lose your own identity when you’re immersed in a character and what it’s like playing an alcoholic rapist onstage. “You find that in acting, people view you as some sort of success when you often are struggling more financially than they are,” McRae admits when we discuss the myriad parallels between musicians and actors. “You know that people from your high school [who see you on TV] think you’re doing so well, little do they know I’m filling out the unemployment card.” We’ve got a feeling McRae won’t be filling out those cards much longer.

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