Episode 174: Au Revoir Simone


Annie Hart and Erika Forster from the Brooklyn dream pop band Au Revoir Simone came by Going Off Track with guest host Benny Horowitz (The Gaslight Anthem) to discuss what it was like being homeschooled, why we were all such well-behaved adolescents and how touring has allowed many of us to live outside of a bubble to see how people live in the rest of the world. “Everyone in this room has the liberty to go to a supermarket that’s twice the price to get the things that are maybe good for us while a lot of other people are stuck and we never offer an adequate solution for that,” Horowitz explains during a rare serious moment. Au Revoir Simone also talk about environmental issues, why they compost/avoid plastic water bottles (and you should too) and how all of television—and maybe all of life—is actually a realistic yet staged stimulation. (Ancillary percussion whenever someone says “like”performed by Benny Horowitz and inspired by Pee-wee Herman.)

Au Revoir Simone

The Gaslight Anthem