Episode 175: Andrew W.K.


Rocker and party icon Andrew W.K. came by Going Off Track to explore how technology has changed the way humans relate to each other throughout history, why nothing will ever replace face-to-face interactions and how he has been able to stay positive even when it involves something as frustrating in sitting in traffic for hours on the way to record a podcast. “Doing things you don’t feel like doing is a very vast area,” he explains at one point. “The way I’ve heard is said best is that the ideal person is able to enjoy the things the less ideal person has to do, so if you’re really partying you’re enjoying what you have to do anyway and not resenting it or finding it to be an inconvenience. You find a way to make the thing you’re doing the thing you want to do and find an immense pleasure in that.” While Andrew W.K. doesn’t have all answers to what each of us should be doing with our lives, his theory that “what you want to do is what you should be doing anyway” can be applied to any of us.

Andrew W.K.

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