Episode 177: Sammy Siegler


Sammy Siegler has played drums for pretty much every important New York hardcore band ever such as Judge, Youth Of Today, Project X, Side By Side and the list goes on and on. On this episode we talked about the genesis of Judge and the legendary Chung King sessions, what it was it like being in Limp Bizkit for one day and how he ended up at his current gig as an advertising agency in Venice, California. We also discuss what it was like going from CBGB to having a Buzz Clip on MTV with CIV’s “Can’t Wait One Minute More” and why his love of hardcore hasn’t waned after 28 years and how his latest musical project World Be Free encompasses everything he loves about the genre. “We were listening to Leeway and the Cro-Mags and this metal thing was coming in and I think that was an inspiration for Judge,” Siegler says about the old days. If you haven’t seen the Noisey’s career-spanning documentary There Will Be Quiet: The Story Of Judge, that’s a good place to start.

World Be Free

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There Will Be Quiet: The Story Of Judge