Episode 178: Tim Kinsella


Author and musician Tim Kinsella (Cap’n Jazz, Jooan Of Arc, Owls, Make Believe) came by with guest host Norman Brannon (Texas Is The Reason) to discuss the way Kinsella’s musical career has evolved into something more deliberate as time has gone on, what it was like starting Cap’n Jazz with his brother when he was 12 years old (and how they were influenced by both power violence and the Gin Blossoms), the way celebrities manifest their insecurities and why Chicago is still a viable place to survive as an artist. Brannon also explores how he figured out he had permanently lost his sense of smell two months after he was almost fatally hit by a truck and Kinsella discusses why his goal for Joan Of Arc was to make music that never fit into one specific genre. “That was our purposeful intent at the beginning,” Kinsella says at one point. “There was so much music happening in Chicago when we started, we were aware that the test of our purity of expression was we need to slip in the cracks between all of the cracks.”

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