Episode 181: Dustin Kensrue


Thrice frontman and solo artist Dustin Kensrue finally stopped by Going Off Track to talk about what it was like to be signed to a major-label during 2002’s summer of screamo, why the worship music he creates for his church shouldn’t be confused with the music he creates with his band and how technology has changed the way he’s able to tour and stay in touch with his family. We also talk about why  he’s proud of the diverse following Thrice gained, when he knew it was the right time to start playing with bandmates again and how he balances his musical and spiritual work.  “I think you hear hiatus and it means break-up because so many bands say it and never come back but I wanted that distinction to be really clear because we had never thought of it as Thrice breaking up,” he says at one point during our discussion. “It was really a case of right now I need to take a break with every intention of sometime coming back to this.” We’re so glad that they did.