Episode 182: Mark McCoy


Powerviolence icon Mark McCoy (Charles Bronson, Das Oath) came by Going Off Track with guest host Steak Mountain sit down for the first time in six years to discuss his insanely regimented artistic process, why creativity precedes commerce when it comes to his record label Youth Attack! and why he spends 90 minutes every morning writing in his journal even if it’s in a font that’s undecipherable to everyone else. Mark also talks about his collapsing ceiling, the high cost of living and other sacrifices he makes to exist as an artist in Brooklyn. “I think the idea of myself in New York just seems like the correct thing and I can’t see myself anywhere else,” he explains when pressed on the issue. We also talk about the idea of introversion and extroversion, the nature of obsession and why we feel a drive to create anything in the first place.

Mark McCoy