Episode 183: David Bazan & Yuuki Matthews


One of our favorite guests David Bazan returned to Going Off Track alongside Yuuki Matthews (The Shins) while they were on tour celebrating the ten year anniversary of the Headphones LP. On this episode we talk about the very nature of music criticism, Bazan’s rules to curb his problem drinking and how he manages to balance his career in a way that makes equal time for his art and family without sacrificing productivity. Of course we also discuss how Bazan and Yuuki came together to play this very special series of house shows and what inspired them to bring Headphones back ten years after the fact. “It was a band and a project that never really got to have a life,” Bazan says at one point. “Not very many people bought the record and not very many people came to see on the road because we only did one headlining tour. I love that record and over the years more and more people have been asking about it.” We love it too and if you never heard it when it originally came out in 2005, now is the perfect time to get started.