Episode 185: Creepoid


Patrick and Anna Troxell from Creepoid came by Going Off TrackĀ  alongside guest host Norman Brannon (Texas Is The Reason) to discuss what it’s like being in a band to someone you’re married to; living in a haunted house in Savannah, Georgia; and driving non-stop 30 hours from Austin to Philadelphia the day before an international flight. We also discuss how the members’ previous band ended (it involves one of the members smashing a pint glass on the other members’ face), the time their guitarist jumped out of a tree and broke his arm the day before a tour and why Creepoid avoid Waffle House. Oh and if you’ve ever considering eating mushrooms before your band performs, you’ll definitely want to listen to this hilarious podcast beforehand. “We smashed all of our equipment after we played and I couldn’t figure out how to load out, but Walter Schreifels came to our rescue and was my angel that night,” Pat wistfully recalls of that fateful CMJ performance. “That was the best show we ever played on drugs.”