Episode 188: Fences


Fences a.k.a. Chris Mansfield came by Going Off Track with guest host Steak Mountain to look back on his major-label saga, his personal and collaborative relationship with Macklemore and why he’s more excited about his music right now than he’s been in a long time. He also discusses how the recent birth of his child helped put his experiences into perspective, why he catalogs his moments of emotional crisis on Twitter and how he tried self-medicating (unsuccessfully) with alcohol to deal with his whirlwind success when all he ever wanted was to be as popular as Cat Power. “You feel like you make choices in your career sometimes where you do certain things to appease people and you don’t even realize you’re doing it, you just start to become agreeable,” he explains at one point, “and the next thing you know you yourself are shut off—and I think that’s what happened to me.” Thankfully he’s in a better place now and talks about his journey in a constructive and captivating way.