Episode 189: David Castillo


David Castillo is a man of many talents. He’s the talent booker for Saint Vitus, singer for Primitive Weapons & White Widows Pact and also has some of the most luscious locks on the East Coast. During this episode Castillo discusses the politics behind Brooklyn’s hottest venue, the genesis of his own bands and why you shouldn’t ask him to be on the guest list unless you’ve got a good reason. We also discuss the logistics of getting the Descendents or Nirvana to play in front of 250 people, how to get your band on one of his bills and his roots booking shows in Long Island. “I know who’s out there putting in work, I do it myself when I play in my bands,” he says at one point. “Try to be active. It’s not always going to work but I’m going to start paying attention.” Whether you’re a musician or just curious how the industry works, Castillo’s story and advice transcends the worlds of punk and metal.

Saint Vitus bar

White Widows Pact

Primitive Weapons