Episode 190: Ben Jorgensen


Armor For Sleep frontman Ben Jorgensen came by Going Off Track to discuss the band’s anniversary shows for What To Do When You’re Dead, what it’s like transitioning from a musician to a manager and the magic of the New Jersey underground scene. We also discuss Ray Kurzweil’s theory about The Singularity, why it’s more difficult to learn a new skill as an adult and Jorgensen’s fascination with virtual reality. “The need to get your name out there is what drives a lot of 20 years and I did that,” Jorgensen says, looking back at his career and where he is today. “I don’t have that hunger to do that again and put myself out there. I’m happy with what I went through.” Whether you’re embarking on your own musical career or coming to terms with the next chapter of life, there’s something important you’ll be able to take away from this episode.

Armor For Sleep