Episode 191: Marky Capicotto


Marky Capicotto, founder of the clothing line Glamour Kills, stopped by Going Off Track to discuss how he got started designing his own merchandise, the secret to dealing with haters and why he decided to migrate back Upstate after living in Manhattan. We also talk about his collaboration with bands ranging from All Time Low to Hot Water Music, how he deals with people who rip-off his aesthetic and the nature of criticism when it comes to the arts. “I think there’s a stigma that it’s a lot easier to make T-shirts than it is to make records and I think of us more as a record label, we’re not selling albums but we’re selling the culture,” Capicotto explains when asked how Glamour Kills has managed to weather the Warped Tour and continue to thrive after a decade of existence. “That’s why it’s important to have brand integrity and be a part of something.” We couldn’t agree more.