Episode 194: Brian Fallon


The Gaslight Anthem frontman Brian Fallon discusses his upcoming solo album, why your favorite musician probably still has a day job and his frustration with some aspects of music criticism. Fallon also talks about his love of Tom Waits, why signifiers like “popist” and “rockist” are so ridiculous and why he decided to strike out on his own after spending the past decade with Gaslight. “It’s like we all stuck our hands up in the and asked, ‘Does anyone have any Gaslight Anthem songs?’ and everyone was like, ‘No, I’m kind of tapped out on the Gaslight Anthem right now,” he explains. “So we collectively were like: It’s Thanksgiving dinner, I’m full, I’m going to go home for a minute.” Luckily in the meantime we’ve got his album Painkillers to tide us over, a collection of Americana-tinged songs that are less of a solo project as they are the next chapter in Fallon’s already impressive musical career.

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