Episode 195: Craig Finn


The Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn came by with guest host Benny Horowitz (The Gaslight Anthem) to discuss the musical kinship he feels with Paul Simon, the changes he’s experienced living in different neighborhoods in Brooklyn over the past fifteen years and David Foster’s Wallace’s prescient prediction that virtual reality would eventually mimic “real life” so closely it will be hard to tell the difference. We also discuss his literary aspirations, what his hypothetical political platform would entail and his new solo album Faith In The Future. “The album was written largely in the time after my mother died so there’s a sadness there but whatw hat got me out of my grief was going on these long walks and just observing other people,” he explains at one point. “You could just lay in bed but very few people just give up. Most people continue to push forward and there’s a beauty in that—and that’s sort of what I was thinking a lot about when I made the record.” In other words, you got to stay positive.

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