Episode 196: Steve Pedulla


Thursday guitarist Steve Pedulla finally came by Going Off Track to talk about his new band States & Kingdoms (which features members of Small Brown Bike and Rival Schools), how he ended up with his day job working on a home renovation reality show and why Godspeed You! Black Emperor are “full of shit.” We also discuss the possibility of a Thursday reunion, what will happen when humans eventually merge with machines and why Hollywood seems to be out of new ideas. “If States & Kingdoms were young kids trying to get signed it would be different,” Pedulla says about his current station in life. “But we want to get our music out there and play more shows but it doesn’t have that urgency in the sense that we’re trying to make it.” We also talk about his upcoming projects, if he ever listens to Thursday and what will happen if machines eventually get smarter than us and decide to eliminate humans all together. But, like, in a funny way.

States & Kingdoms