Episode 197: Robert Schwartzman


Rooney’s frontman Robert Schwartzman stopped by Going Off Track to discuss the existence of ghosts, the possibility of the afterlife and impermanence of the universe. We also talk about his brother Jason helped encouraging him to pick up a guitar, how he ended up starring in The Princess Diaries as a teenager and why he’s spent his seemingly scant free time building a recording studio. We also talk about Rooney’s highly anticipated album Washed Away which comes out this spring and the other musical projects he’s explored over the past six years. “I want to be able to work on projects and get the out in a timely manner; it’s like pushing a boat out into the water, when it gets too far away from you’ve just got to watch it go and there’s something nice about that,” Schwartzman says of his artistic process. “You’ve just got to hope you did everything you could do up until that point so you feel excited about what it’s going to be.”


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