Episode 198: Matthew Caws


Nada Surf frontman Matthew Caws came by Going Off Track the day before his band released their seventh album You Know Who You Are, to discuss what it was like growing up in New York attending a French-speaking public school,  how Nada Surf formed nearly 25 years ago and what it was like recording the band’s debut album High/Low with the Cars’ Ric Ocasek back in 1996. We also have a lengthy discussion about the genesis of the band’s hit “Popular,” Caws’ relationship with the song now and why in many ways “Popular” was a mixed blessing that isn’t totally representative of Nada Surf’s sound. “We knew what we were trying to do and the dream was to be on a little label and slightly play bigger clubs but it happened kind of weirdly backwards,” he says of the aforementioned track,”but I still love that song.” Finally we riff on how Brooklyn has changed, the ups and downs of the major-label world and how the band eventually cultivated the career they always dreamed of having.

Nada Surf