Episode 199: Jennie Vee


Bassist Jennie Vee came by Going Off Track to discuss what it was like growing up as a “stereotypical loner goth girl” in a remote mining town in Canada, why she quit high school to move to England and how he she eventually met Courtney Love and started playing with her live. “Playing with her is something I’ve wanted to do as a kid,” Vee says of what it was like playing her first show with Love in front of 23,000 people. “I grew up listening to Live Through This so when I had to learn the roster we had to play I already knew those ten songs, it came back real fast.” We also discuss how Vee has never felt like a part of any specific scene, what it was like recording her latest album Spying in her Manhattan apartment and why she enjoys writing for other people as much as she does herself. Finally, we talk about some other stuff at the end of the podcast that we can’t even write about here in case Big Brother is reading.

Jennie Vee

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