Episode 203: Claudio Sanchez


Coheed And Cambria frontman and recent Brooklyn resident Claudio Sanchez came by Going Off Track to talk about how he balances his band with his line of comics, children books and toys. We also talk about the possibility of adapting his epic tales into TV or film, what you do when you find out your drummer can’t do a European tour an hour before you’re supposed to leave and the new Star Wars film. Finally we get into more band drama, you know, like the time their old bassist robbed a Walgreens for drugs on tour—and, on a less dramatic note, how Sanchez conquered his inherent shyness. “Even when we toured on our first album I had a problem dealing with the attention I was getting,” Sanchez admits at one point. “I’ve been doing this since I was 12 years old and so there’s definitely been moments where we almost broke up but I think ultimately we all love music and that’s what keeps us together.”

Coheed And Cambria