Episode 206: Jesse Camp & Mike Denied


Former MTV VJ and winner of 1998’s Wanna Be A DJ contest Jesse Camp came by Going Off Track for one of the most bizarre podcasts we’ve ever recorded. At one point he also invites his pal Mike Denied to talk about his experiences as a friend of the notorious GG Allin and member of the Murder Junkies. Among a lot of the topics we discuss with Jesse are his problems with the law, experiences with sober living and his friendship with the late Scott Weiland. We also discuss the new show Jesse is working on with his sister Born To Rock And Roll, his current gig as a ghostwriter for Paula Deen’s new cookbook and dozens of other topics that may or may not be actually be true. Mike also discusses what it was like going to bars in the East Village as a 13 year old in the eighties, hanging out with Bad Brains and Dee Dee Ramone in NYC and why you’re lucky that GG Allin never crashed at your apartment… as if you didn’t know that already. This was a marathon session that we wanted you to fully enjoy with us so we only edited out the real lulls.┬áJust so you know what you’re getting yourself into, okay?

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