Episode 207: Nick Thorburn


Nick Thorburn (Islands, Unicorns, Human Highway) came by to talk about his two new records, Taste and Should I Remain Here, At Sea? Along the way we also discussed how these albums were influenced by police brutality and race, the personality differences between Canadians and Americans and why Freud’s theory of the “Death Drive” also fueled his artistic drive. After years of touring Thorburn’s aches are catching up with him but his desire to create art and share it with the world shows no signs of dimming. “To be quite frank I don’t like to do any of this shit,” Thorburn says of all the duties that come alongside playing in a popular indie act. “I just want to make records and occasionally play live. That’s what I want to do, everything else is just I gotta eat.” Help him stay nourished by checking out his new records and exploring his expansive back catalog; Jonah especially recommends Human Highway, a side-project that also features Islands’ Jim Guthrie.