Episode 208: Kristin Kontrol


Dum Dum Girls frontwoman Dee Dee aka Kristin Kontrol came by to discussĀ  her brand new solo album X-Communicate, which comes out next week on Sub Pop. We also talked about how she DJs to survive the rising rents in Harlem, how a comparison to Debbie Gibson accidentally made it into her bio (and how she learned to embrace it) and why she’s tried to transcend her image as the leader of an all-girl garage rock band. “Ultimately it just like I felt I had painted myself into a corner and if I had put out this record as Dum Dum Girls it would have been like, “How does this compare to the cannon of the Dum Dum Girls?” she explains when asked how it was alienating for her to release this album under her own moniker and eschew any sonic restrictions. “I don’t ever want to feel like I have authority over my own music or made to feel like if I explore some genre I haven’t done before that it’s not my right.” We dare you to tell her otherwise.

Kristin Kontrol

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