Episode 209: Eric Melvin


NOFX guitarist Eric Melvin came by Going Off Track while the band were on tour promoting their new biography The Hepatitis Bathtub to discuss how he recently went public with the revelation that he was molested as a child and began helping others through his experiences. We also discuss what it was like to learn that his ex-girlfriend had been raped via the book, the secret to his band’s three-decade-plus longevity and the wonders of edible marijuana. “When Bad Religion’s Suffer came out that was the resurgence of applying a melody over punk rock music and we listened to it in the van on tour over and over,” he explains when asked what inspired NOFX’s signature sound. “It was a game charger and [Fat] Mike was obsessed with it and just started just writing these songs… he still couldn’t sing them, that came with time.”


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Photo by digdivphoto