Episode 212: Anika Pyle


Singer-songwriter Anika Pyle formerly of the band Chumped talked about the genesis of her new solo act Katie Ellen. She also explains to Steven and Jonah what The Gender Binary is and what it was like growing going up getting a Montessori education. We¬†discuss¬†how she almost went broke attending NYU and why she was determined to escape the cycle of poverty she was born into. (Just to clarify, she intended on breaking that cycle by going to college not by starting a punk band, for some reason.) We also talked about her current day job at a barista, why your tastes in everything from food to friends is ultimately based on your access to time and money and a bunch of other stuff that we’re not really smart enough to totally understand. It’s a crazy world out there and we’re glad we have Anika to keep us in check.

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