Episode 214: Chris Conley


Saves The Day frontman Chris Conley returned to Going Off Track with guest host Dan Ozzi (Noisey) to discuss why debilitating anxiety forced him to take control of his mind twelve years ago and subsequently how today he moves through life as if it were a walking meditation. “If I don’t have an alarm going off every five minutes then I’m not going to notice time or anything else that’s not happening in the moment,” he explains when asked about how he manages to exist as a punk rock guru. He also talks about why sleeping is like a wink from the universe, how to achieve pure joy in a world where so many things are out of your control and why being a father helped ground him and prevent him from dissolving into his own molecules. If you’ve ever wondered how to achieve higher consciousness or live in area where psychedelic drugs aren’t accessible, this podcast is a pretty good approximation of what both of those states of being are like… plus it’s totally legal.

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photo: Rebecca Reed