Episode 215: Jensen Karp


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The author of the new memoir Kanye West Owes Me $300 stopped by the podcast with guest host Vanessa Bayer (SNL, Trainwreck) to discuss his unbelievable true story of being a teenaged rap sensation. He also talks about the time he almost got into a fight with the band Metro Station at an awards show, what it was like to turn down a briefcase with $50,000 (and what it looked like in person) and how Karp’s brain tumors helped inspire him to make his past public. We also discuss Gallery1988 his amazing Los Angeles art space, why Henry Winkler would play Karp’s father in the movie adaptation of his life and drop countless of pop culture-references ranging from Blossom to the Mario Brothers in the process. Oh, finally, we explore why Shia LeBeouf might actually be a legitimate artistic genius. No, for real.

Jensen Karp

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