Episode 216: Mish Way


White Lung frontwoman Mish Way and guest host Dan Ozzi (Noisey) came by Going Off Track HQ to discuss how political correctness has gotten out of hand, why the Internet is slowly destroying our social skills and how we all keep our respective sanity by not reading the comments sections. We also discuss the upcoming election, Mish’s love of daytime television shows such as Jenny Jones, family and what it must be like to date Taylor Swift… even if we don’t have any personal experience with that. Oh and if you were planning on moving to Mish’s home country of Canada if Trump wins the election, think again. “It’s not that easy to immigrate, be quiet, your going to sit on your hands and we’ll watch it unfold,” Mish explains at one point and we could not agree more. But this summary can’t truly do Mish justice so just listen and we’re certain you’ll be won over by her caustic charm. If you’re not, you’re probably a troll anyway.

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