Episode 219: Sarah Lewitinn


Sarah Lewitinn came by Going Off Track to discuss her experiences with psychedelics, how she relates to the character of Ultragrrrl these days and the way that virtual reality will transform the human experience. We also discuss the time she ended up on the cover of the Village Voice for being a tastemaker, how she was able to identify some of today’s biggest acts such as the Killers while working at SPIN and ¬†how that lead to jobs ranging from hosting shows for Fuse to programming the music for retail stores. “A lot of people were angry that this girl who was in her twenties with no discernible talent was able to manifest some fantasy world,” she explains when asked why Ultragrrrl was such a controversial and polarizing figure when she was signing bands to her imprint, Stolen Transmissions. “Basically I was really into things and in a position where I could let people know.” The Internet may have leveled that playing field but Sarah still has plenty to teach us.

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