Episode 224: Dave Pirner


Soul Asylum frontman Dave Pirner came by Going Off Track to find somebody to shove and in the process we ended up discussing the genesis of the band’s triple-platinum 1992 album “Grave Dancer’s Union”, how he dealt with the band’s surprise success and the influence of the Replacements on Soul Asylum’s sound. He also discusses his recording sessions with Prince at his Paisley Park studio, playing in the supergroup Golden Smog alongside members of Wilco and The Jayhawks and what it’s like for Pirner to run his own recording studio in New Orleans. “I was in the darkest place and was experiencing what I think they call clinical depression for the first time,” he responds when asked about the crushing lyrics to the band’s ubiquitous hit “Runaway Train”. “I had convinced myself that I was losing my hearing and losing my mind and was going through sort of a spiral-and you wouldn’t necessarily think that people were going to identify with that but there’s something to it, I guess.”

Soul Asylum’s eleventh full-length album “Change Of Fortune” is available now.

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