Episode 226: David Bazan


Going Off Track favorite David Bazan returned once again to Going Off Track to discusses how alcohol and weed affect his creativity, why it’s beneficial to question our own hardwired opinions and if there’s any hope for a world that seems teeming with eroding personal values. We also talk about his latest album “Blanco” and how two decades into his career he’s crafted his most personal collection of songs to date. Of course it wouldn’t be a Bazan interview without discussing religion but these days he’s a little less vehement about believers and thinks that Christianity and progressive politics don’t have to be mutually exclusive. “The pendulum has swung back where I’m not a Christian, not even close, but I care and I love Christians and I can have a ¬†conversation that’s not all anger and destructiveness, ” he says at one point. “I want the world to be a better place and I’m trying.” While it’s easy to default to being dismissive or judgmental, we could all benefit from being more empathetic alongside Bazan and understanding how our own actions can have a truly global impact.