Episode 227: Emil Amos


One of our favorite guests Emil Amos (Holy Sons, Om) returned to Going Off Track as part of his whirlwind press tour to promote his new podcast with Jonah, “Drifter’s Sympathy.” Along the way we discuss how the idea for this storytelling podcast came about, the meaning of life and other existential questions that are way too lofty for a group of overcaffeinated musicians to discuss. We also flash forward 76 years to when Emil is on a hospital bed fading out of earthly existence and learn why he’ll hear Jonah in his head saying, “just live your life, man.” Finally we converse about our relative consciousness, how your art can actually inhabit you and include lots of depressing asides about death along thte way. “Sure it’s gratifying but your hands are bleeding and it fucking hurts,” Emil says of the sacrifice he inherently brings all of his varied musical projects. Part of the beauty is in these battle scars.

Holy Sons

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PHOTO: Eliza Sohn