Episode 229: Zac Farro


Former Paramore drummer and HalfNoise frontman Zac Farro came by Going Off Track to discuss HalfNoise’s introspective new indie-pop album “Sudden Feeling,” how he ended up drumming on the upcoming album for his previous band and his secret to remaining upbeat despite the fact that so much of his songwriting is fueled by heartbreak. We also discuss how Jonah got stoned with the Starting Line every night when he was writing a cover story on Paramore during the “Riot!” era, what it was like doing national tours when Zac was only fourteen years old and how it feels to be a seasoned musician at the age of 26. “This is what I want to do, I want to be a drummer and I also want to be a songwriter,” Farro explains. “Starting that young I was mainly just drumming in Paramore and so this time away has helped me develop my own style and voice when it comes to my writing.” If you’re a fan of synth-heavy upbeat pop, we highly recommend checking out the latest album from HalfNoise because listening to Farro passionately speak about it here, it’s clear that it’s anything but a side-project.

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