Episode 230: Anthony Green


Circa Survive frontman Anthony Green and producer extraordinaire Will Yip talk about Anthony’s new solo album “Pixie Queen” as well as what he’s got planned for Circa and Saosin in the near future. We also discuss Green’s struggles with drug addiction and how those fueled the lyrics for his latest release. “It’s three years and it still feels like a fresh thing because in the grand scheme of my life of getting fucked up three years is not a big deal,” Green says when asked if he thinks he’s gained a sense of perspective on his struggles now that he’s living much cleaner these days. “Hard drugs and alcohol were a love affair with me for so long that I think that’s why it’s going to keep creeping its way into my writing in some way.” Finally we discuss Green and Yip’s working relationship, the brilliance of Mike Patton and why you’re likely to catch Green at a Crossfit gym if he’s got a day off on tour.

Anthony Green

Will Yip