Episode 231: Kevin Devine


Friend of the podcast Kevin Devine returned to Going Off Track alongside Jonah and Benny to talk about his new album “Instigator,” how having a child has changed his worldview and his firsthand experiences with gentrification in Brooklyn. We also talk about what it’s been like for Devine to grow up in a family of police officers and why he decided to write the song “Freddie Gray Blues,” which is based on his conflicted feelings toward law enforcement in our country today. “How I feel about all this stuff now is intellectually cautious and sad,” Devine says at one point. “You want to listen and learn and be open but you also don’t want to say the wrong thing–but you will because it’s a minefield in the sense that it’s only a gray area.” In the course of ¬†traversing this tricky intellectual territory, we also find time to discuss how going to Black Lives Matter-centric rallies shifted Devine’s perspective on some social justice issues, the best place to get pizza in Staten Island (it’s called Good Fellas, no joke) and how Devine’s Irish ancestry plays into the person and songwriter that he is today.

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Photo: Shervin Lainez