Episode 232: Jeremy Bolm


Touché Amoré frontman Jeremy Bolm came by Going Off Track to talk about how the band’s early days of touring with Thursday, why he will only talk to someone he admires for eight seconds and what we all think of comedy roasts and Ann Coulter. We also get in depth about the band’s latest album “Stage Four,” which was written about Bolm’s mother’s battle and eventual passing from cancer and how it affected him. “I think that most people have lost somebody at some point so they can find empathy for the content on this album,” he explains when asked about the universal nature of such a wholly personal event. “Honestly after this album in a couple of years there could be material to write reflecting on this whole experience,” he adds when asked where you go from here as a writer… and one gets the sense that whatever is happening in Bolm’s life, he’ll find a way of translating it into something captivating. We also discuss the ongoing argument of whether you need to be upset to make viable art, the nature of karma and how being raised Lutheran affected Bolm’s worldview.