Episode 233: Greta Morgan


Greta Morgan from Springtime Carnivore and The Hush Sound came by Going Off Track with guest host Jenny Eliscu (Sirius XM) to discuss living in California, bulletproof coffee and how she was accidentally thrown into the emo world via her previous band. She also discusses her recent album of punk covers alongside Katy Goodman “Take It, I’m Yours,” how it feels to get mistaken for Hugh Hefner’s ex-wife Kendra and how she stays healthy on the road. “When I was 19 we were in a van trying to keep up with buses so we would have ten hour drives every night but now it’s a new era and there’s a Whole Foods in every city and co-ops are like Meccas,” she explains. “We eat pretty well on tour.” We also talk about “earth candy” aka fruit, what it was like touring with bands like Fall Out Boy during their heyday and, finally, we learn from Jenny what it was like to moderate a recent interview with Marilyn Manson and Billy Corgan.

Springtime Carnivore

Jenny Eliscu

PHOTO: Lenae Day